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What are worm castings?
Advantages to using worm castings?
Why use worm castings?


What are worm castings?

Worm castings are a natural organic fertilizer that is produced by worms (European Nightcrawlers). They rejuvenate worn out soil, increase plant growth and crop yields such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Advantages to using worm castings!

  1. Great for ornamentals and houseplants. It is not pH dependent for assimilation of nutrients.
  2. The microorganisms in the castings create healthier soil that promotes drainage and loosens soils to encourage root development.
  3. Reduces transplant shock from greenhouse to field, thus reduces susceptibility of the new plant to disease and pests.

Why use worm castings?

  1. Castings are 100% organic fertilizers that WILL NOT BURN plants.
  2. Castings reduce the need for chemical treatment of diseases and pests. Instead of killing the soil with chemicals that pollute our streams and drinking water, we are promoting a living, healthy soil for the plants to thrive in. Treat your soil with organic compounds; don't kill it with chemicals.
  3. Castings have a release of these nutrients over many weeks of continual growth.
  4. Enrich your soil with natural humus. Humus holds the moisture and nutrients until the plant requires them.