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Most soils are not rich enough to support the demands that potatoes, carrots, onions & beets require. These plants require an abundance of K (phosphorus) & P (potassium). Unlike chemical fertilizers these essential nutrients come from plant source so it is immediately available for plant use.

Application Rate: When preparing soil, use 3 to 4 LB PURECAST earthworm castings per 100ft. sq. Then side dress when plants are 3 to 4 inches high and side dress again in midseason, if necessary for optimum growth.



Castings can not be used full strength because they will cause scraggly plants with reduced amounts of aromatic oils. To achieve maximum production use 5 to 10% PURECAST earthworm castings mixed with organic peat and humus. Medicinal herbs response to this mixture is phenomenal.

Application Rate: Feed each plant ½ oz. of the above mixture when seeds emerge or when transplanting, then once again in midseason.



PURECAST earthworm castings put the fire into hot peppers. The micronutrients produce vigorous growth, delicious flavor and a much larger fruit. Also contains many microorganisms to keep the plants healthy for increased yields.

Application Rate: Mix 30% PURECAST earthworm castings with organic peat/humus for a potting mix. Use two pounds of potting mix per set, then top dress with 3 to 4 oz. per plant after the fruit appears and once again when the fruit begins to ripen.



Just like the tomatoes you will see the same fantastic growth and increased flavor of the plants. Once you have tasted vegetables grown in PURECAST earthworm castings you will not enjoy those grown with the chemical fertilizers.

Application Rate: Just before planting mix 3 or 4 lb. of PURECAST earthworm castings per 100 sq. ft. into the top 4 inches of your soil. Then use as side dressing when plants start to flower. You will have happy plants producing an abundance of succulent veggies to garnish your table.


WORM CASTING TEA (as a Foliar Spray and Liquid Fertilizer):

Plants have an amazing ability to absorb micronutrients through their leaves. Worm casting tea is to be used in conjunction with PURECAST earthworm castings or PURECAST earthworm casting mixes and not as a sole source or organic nutrient. All of the microorganisms and micronutrients are extracted from the worm castings and then sprayed on the plants.

a. Reduces stress and shock of transplanting.
b. For setting blossoms, blooms or development of fruit.
c. During peak growth for an added nutrient source.
d. Quick recovery from lack of water, damage from wind & poor foliage color.
e. Increased nutrient source when roots can not provide enough nutrients for maximum yields.

a. Mix 1 cup per 4 liters or 1 gallon of warm water and shake vigorously. Let it steep for 24 hours, then decant and strain. Be careful not to disturb the sediment on the bottom of the container.
b. Store the strained tea in another container then,
c. Refill the original bottle with water and use it for watering plants. Shake well before using.
d. If you don't want to use as a foliar spray, just do step (a.) Shake well before you use it and watch your plants respond in just a couple of days.



When transplanting bare root or container trees where you want maximum growth and fruit production it is best to use a 50/50 mix of cured compost and PURECAST earthworm castings. Most all of the fruit and citrus trees will go into production in half the time and you will get two years growth in one year. The nut tree will take longer to get into production and the rate is not as dramatic as the other trees. The results for ornamental trees will be from two to five times the normal growth rate.

After planting in the spring, the trees will require 5 to 7 lb. of PURECAST earthworm castings applied in the fall. Use this amount on the tree with a caliper of up to 1 inch. Apply the castings by top dressing from the trunk to the edge of the drip line.

With established trees top dress with 5 lb. of PURECAST earthworm castings per 1-inch caliper of the tree two to three times a year. It is important to get the worm castings applied during the spring blossoming period.

NOTE: You may shorten the height of the trunk by doubling or tripling the amount of castings applied during the first year after transplanting.



Add ½ to 1 inch of PURECAST earthworm castings to surface of the soil. Water and repeat every 3 to 4 months.



Spread in a thin layer of PURECAST earthworm castings between each layer of compost material.



New or Transplanted - Mix 1 part PURECAST earthworm castings to 2 parts of compost or organic peat. Surround the newly dug hole with mixture, spread roots over mound of mixture in the hole. Cover & water well to eliminate air pockets.

Established Roses & Shrubs - Mix 4 cups of PURECAST earthworm castings into the surface of each plant & cover with mulch.



Established - Top dress with 5 lbs. PURECAST earthworm castings per 100 sq. ft. and water well.

New - Great for seed and sod. Use 10 lb. PURECAST earthworm castings per 100 sq. ft. Broadcast seed into seedbed, rake in and water. Use 1/8 inch PURECAST earthworm castings to sod bed surface, apply sod and watch grow.